A look into the accessories available for your bakkie

From bakkie covers and load bin rubberizing, to tow bars and window tints, there are a multitude of bakkie accessories available to transform your vehicle into a multifaceted asset. Here is a list of accessories that would be great to add to your bakkie.

Bakkie Rubberising

Rubberising your bakkie involves spraying polyurethane coating onto the surface of your loading bay. This is sprayed with high-pressure equipment to provide a long-lasting barrier. Rubberising your bakkie protects it from goods moving around in the loading bay and provides additional grip.

Tow Bar 

A tow bar is always useful because it allows you to add durable transporting and towing capabilities.

Bull Bars

This accessory protects your bakkie from any forward-facing components. Bull bars allow you to protect your car from accidents and minimize the damage that the impact may cause.

Dog car bars 

Dog car bars are great accessories to add to your bakkie. When transporting your pets it’s important to keep them safe and comfortable. Dog bars mean that you can ensure the security of your dogs and regulate the ventilation within the canopy. This is a simple safety precaution for your dogs.

Tonneau Covers 

These covers are an easy way to provide security. This cover is easily retractable, meaning you can get to your loading bin quickly. It is also durable and protects your load from the weather, dust and even mold. It’s strong and rigid.

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