First and foremost, a bakkie is not complete without its canopy. If you’re a proud bakkie owner, then you should know that a canopy can offer your bakkie a wide range of benefits.   Canopy fitment is the best investment you could ever make for your bakkie. Whether it is for work or leisure, a canopy fitment … Read more

What are canopy ISO ratings and should you get a canopy that is rated?

Internationally recognised standards and industry adherence related to quality is fast becoming a specific requirement. Canopy JHB meets these requirements above expectation through safety and durability compliance. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that has strategies and processes in place for organisations that improve quality management and environmental management. Technical aspects of the canopies … Read more

Why fibreglass canopies are better for smaller bakkies

Canopy JHB is at the forefront of providing impeccable fibreglass canopies that can be installed on different makes and models. Our comprehensive category of canopies provides durability and enhances the resale value of your vehicle. Fibreglass canopies are manufactured with quality materials and to withstand the elements. Smaller vehicles, particularly smaller bakkies should be agile … Read more

A look into the accessories available for your bakkie

From bakkie covers and load bin rubberizing, to tow bars and window tints, there are a multitude of bakkie accessories available to transform your vehicle into a multifaceted asset. Here is a list of accessories that would be great to add to your bakkie. Bakkie Rubberising Rubberising your bakkie involves spraying polyurethane coating onto the surface … Read more

The Difference Between A Standard And Executive Canopies

Canopy JHB offers definitive retail quality canopies to fit the client’s requirements. We instil the highest calibre of standards by delivering an elevated service. As part of our promise to deliver exceptional products and services, Canopy JHB extends standard and executive canopies. In order for you, the client, to understand which canopy is right for … Read more

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