The different types of canopy accessories

While buying a bakkie may be easy, protecting this expensive asset from hazards may prove a difficult task. Vehicle owners can attest to this

Besides protecting the bakkie form dust and rain, the canopy also safeguards it from other elements. However, most canopies do not look particularly ‘cool’ to individuals who love to have everything trendy. So, does it mean that you have to bear with the dull look of the canopy merely for the protection of your vehicle? Of course, not! With us at Joburg Canopy Centre, you can now have a customized bakkie canopy with additional accessories that do not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but are also extremely functional.

We have accessories like air vents that scoops air and create a high pressure inside the canopy, helping to keep dust out when travelling on gravel roads. The air vent is normally fitted to the passenger’s side of the canopy, where the least dust occurs when passing another vehicle on dusty roads.

You want high-quality accessories for your already professionally-fitted bakkie canopy. We take extra care and attention to detail, with more durability and strength than most canopy suppliers.

Rubberizing for bakkies is a great way to protect your load bin. It is a virtually indestructible polyurethane coating sprayed onto a surface under high pressure, which forms a protective barrier on the surface. This offers excellent protection against corrosion, abrasion and impact damage.  

Relieve yourself from the heavy lifting! The ideal solution to the struggle of lowering and raising a heavy tailgate is Tailgate Assist which safely controls the opening speed and reduces the effort required to close while enabling simple, one-handed operation.

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