Types of bakkie canopies

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What type of canopy does your vehicle need?


When you need additional cargo space on your bakkie that protects your load from harsh weather, as well as offers security and additional safety, canopies are the ideal solution for you. Also known as truck caps, canopies allow you to safely transport your goods without ever having to keep an eye on them while driving.

When it comes to choosing the right canopy, you have loads of options:

  1. Fibreglass Beekman Canopy

Because of their custom exterior finish and ease of use, these bakkie canopies remain customer favourites. Fiberglass canopies are designed to fit bakkies of specific years, makes, and models, thus offering the best fit for today’s bakkies.

Bakkies owners also have the option of choosing between cab-high or raised-roof fibreglass canopies, as well as the style of side windows they want, giving them even more variety when choosing the ideal truck cap. Get in touch with us today to learn more about which kind of fibreglass canopy would suit your vehicle!


  1. Commercial fibreglass Beekman Canopy

Commercial fibreglass canopies have evolved in recent years to better match bakkies used for commercial purposes. These canopies are moulded to better suit modern bakkies; manufacturers offer multiple models of commercial fibreglass truck caps with both cab-high and raised-roof variations for different applications. These canopies also come with toolbox mounts, roof rack space, interior lighting and full rear door options.


  1. Commercial aluminium Rhinoman Canopy

Commercial aluminium bakkie canopies are built to last. These tough canopies are made to handle potentially harmful heavy-duty loads with their reinforced frameworks and dense aluminium skin. These canopies are built to be used daily with relentlessness. Commercial aluminium truck caps are available with a wide variety of design and colour choices and offer a plethora of useful addons that any contractor would cherish.


  1. Sammitr Steel Canopies

You can’t go wrong with our range of Sammitr steel canopies. As with most of our other covers, you have options if you choose to fit your bakkie with these truck caps, including (but not limited to):

  • Addon roof rails
  • Interior LED lights
  • A 3rd brake light
  • Tinted windows
  • Secure locking mechanism

The best part? Whatever colour canopy you choose, you’ll get the same stunning, eye-popping appeal in your canopy that Sammitr are so synonymous with.


  1. Commercial field service steel canopy

If you’re a dedicated professional (such as a plumber or an electrician) who uses your bakkie for work, you’ll fall in love with our commercial field service steel canopies. Offering the same design appeal as our other truck caps, these canopies give you everything you need to easily travel with your tools. Contact us today if you’re keen to learn more about them!


  1. Securi-lid rollover covers

Our tough Securi-lid rollover covers are the ideal solution for bakkie owners who prefer their rides to keep a low profile. Even though rollover covers offer less back space than canopies, they make up for it with their sleek and appealing design, as well as their durability and security features.


For those of you who are shopping in bulk, several of our bakkie covers come with fleet options, let us be your one-stop shop for all things canopies! Get in touch with us today to get started!

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