Why fibreglass canopies are better for smaller bakkies

Canopy JHB is at the forefront of providing impeccable fibreglass canopies that can be installed on different makes and models. Our comprehensive category of canopies provides durability and enhances the resale value of your vehicle.

Fibreglass canopies are manufactured with quality materials and to withstand the elements. Smaller vehicles, particularly smaller bakkies should be agile in nature and have the capability to drive in different terrains.

The product range available from Canopy JHB accommodates different models and makes of various vehicles. The fibreglass is sustainable and lightweight which promotes ease of flexibility when installing the fibreglass canopy onto the bakkie.

An additional benefit associated with fibreglass canopies is the corrosion-free properties. The fibreglass profile is resistant to aggressive chemicals and exposure to debris. Electrical insulation for lighter loads is proven to improve fuel-efficiency when travelling on the open road.

One of the core advantages of investing in a canopy from Canopy JHB is the minimal maintenance of the canopy once the fibreglass has been installed. It is easily adjustable and can incorporate other solutions or requirements if needed.

Other capabilities of the fibreglass canopies are also improved through galvanised pressed sheets that are strong and durable. The fibreglass is built to resist the elements and improve on durability through the mounted steel frames and rear glasses.

For more fibreglass canopy solutions and products, get in touch with Canopy JHB today.